How We Brew

Edwinton Brewing is excited and proud to be North Dakota's first and only collaborative brewer. Collaborative brewing means we bring the concept of best practices of 600 years of brewing to Bismarck.

We’re doing the same thing as every brewery, but the process is being completed in two different locations. Our Brewmaster lives in New Zealand (not to be confused with Zeeland ND J) Our system is made by DME one of the world’s premiere brewing equipment manufacturers. Brian invented the system to give the world his awesome beers on a local level. Brian works with our local team Monte, Alan and Chris to ensure the best consistent beer is being brewed. Our system is hooked up to the internet to be monitored 24/7 by Brian and his team of 30 experts living all around the world. Every aspect of the brewing process is closely monitored by our local team and the global team. The system is very high tech, sanitary and self-contained to ensure our beer is never contaminated. The system has many alarms and checks programmed into the main brian of the system to ensure we brew the best beer possible.

By being a collaborative brewer we have the benefit of using the best ingredients from around the world and the expertise of award winning BrewMasters working with our local team.

Meet our Brewmaster Brian. Multi-Award Winning BrewMaster and renowned
International Beer Judge.

Brian creates the finest malts and we differentiate our beers through dry-hopping, finings additions and yeast selection and other ingredients.  The end result is a truly world-class beer brewed right here in Bismarck.Brian Watson has been brewing the highest quality products for decades, and is one of the most highly respected and celebrated BrewMasters on the planet. As an international Brewmaster, Brian has won more the 100 international medals and set up breweries in North America, China, the UK, Ireland and Australia. He is Chief Judge of the New Zealand International beer awards, and he judges at the Australian Beer Awards as well as the World Beer Cup in the United States.

By being a collaborative brewer we have the benefit of using the best ingredients from around the world and the expertise of award winning BrewMasters working with our local team.

Watson Select wort is brewed fresh in the traditional way.  The malted barley is crushed and mixed with warm water; some of the purest water on earth, in fact. The naturally occurring enzymes in the barley plant then convert the starch into rich sugars, which we then transfer into the kettle.

Hops are not bitter in their natural state. They need to be added to wort and then boiled. The hop compounds then transform into bittering units and contribute flavor and aroma to the wort. Hops have been added to beer for centuries not only for their flavor, bitterness and aroma compounds, but also for their antiseptic abilities. The wort is gently heated and boiled in the kettle. Here the wort is sterilized, the hops become bitter and the flavor and aromas from the hops and malts develop their full range of flavors and aromas. The fresh wort is then cooled and transferred to vacuum-sealed FreshPods and shipped to us for fermentation.

Our wort is brewed in small batches and packaged by highly skilled operators. No added preservatives, additives, or flavors. The result is100% fresh, natural, world-class wort. Brian Watson didn’t invent brewing, he perfected it. Brian works with our local team by training them and mentoring them to ensure we produce great beer every time.

As Fresh as Fresh Gets

Each batch is as fresh as the day the barley was picked, because we control the fermentation.  We select the wort, the hops, the yeast, and the added flavors.

Fresh, world-class beer. Straight from our brewing system.

Like every other world-class brewer, Brian creates our high gravity wort the old-fashioned way. From scratch. And with an unprecedented attention to detail.  Our wort varieties are created using only the finest ingredients. We use only the absolute best malted barley and hops from around the world. This is critical and non-negotiable. Brian selects the best raw material – no matter what the cost – because we live or die by the quality of our wort and our beer.  It has to be the best.  Period.

And it is. The same system that we use is being used all around the globe and many of the beers have been entered into competitions and have won. In the last year Brian and this collaborative brewing system have won a dozen international medals at prestigious international beer competitions (NZ Intl Beer Awards/World Beer Cup – Japan).

Medals from other collaborative brewers using our system from around the globe.  (use the template of medals not the link)

Edwinton Brewing wants our customers to have the best beer possible each and every time they choose to drink our beers. We want to make sure our beer meets our high standards of quality, color and taste. Our goal is happy customers. By using the collaborative brewing system created by the worlds best brewmaster we believe our beer will be enjoyed by many customers for years to come.