Meet the Team

Our brew local brew team consists of Monty, Alan and Chris they work collaboratively with world reknown Brewmaster Brian Watson. Brian Watson has been brewing the highest quality products for decades, and is one of the most highly respected and celebrated Brewmasters in the world.

As an international Brewmaster, Brian has won more than 100 international medals and set up breweries in North America, China, the UK, Ireland and Australia. He is Chief Judge of the New Zealand International beer awards, and he judges at the Australian Beer Awards as well as the World Beer Cup in the United States. Monte, Alan and Chris all live in Bismarck.

The team loves what they do and it shows in the product they produce on a daily basis. All have worked for the company for years and have a real passion for making great food. When they are not in the building working they all monitor the process on their cell phones and take turns working 7 days a week to make sure everything is great for our customers.

We are very lucky to have such a great local team to work with Brian Watson and his global team.

Monty has been homebrewing for years and is in charge of the overall brewing process. Monty loves the chemistry part of the process and seeing the beer come to life. Monty was inspired to cook and create food while in culinary school. He is using all those years of technical experience he learned working in a kitchen and bringing it to our brewing process.

Chef Alan is the Executive Chef for 40 steak and seafood and in charge of the equipment and working with the flavors. Chef Alan loves to use our beers in making food and also making food that pairs great with each beer. We call him the flavormaster.

Chris is in charge of the technical part keeping track of all the daily data and reporting to Brian Watson the details. Chris is also our smokemaster and does amazing things with meat and our smokers. Our smoked meats are fantastic with our beers.