Edwinton Brewing Company

ND wheat Edwinton Brewing Company is family owned and locally operated. Zetsel Vander Noord brews the beer, and although he isn't family, we have considered adopting him. The concept is simple: Bring craft brewing to the Northern Plains, put smiles on faces, and try not to go bankrupt. Pretty simple dream, right?

You know the feeling you get when the rollercoaster is almost to the top of the incline, and the track vanishes in front of you, and you know you probably won't die, but your heart won't stop pounding in your ears?

Welcome to professional brewing!

So, where does the name come from? There are two schools of thought: Legendary and Conventional.

The Edwinton Brewing Company is proud to carry on the rich tradition of Edwin Ferry Johnson, the world's most interesting Viking. It is a name that stands for quality, quality that once inspired epic Viking quests of peril and courage. It is a name that will never change, because we have nothing to prove to Germany or the Chancellor!